Poppy fields in Rushmere St. Andrew

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From last year, I had been searching for a place in UK to shoot poppy fields. I never got proper information on where I can find poppies and when. So when I saw some photographs of poppy fields in Ipswich in a newspaper two weeks back, I jumped at the chance. I had to literally drag my not-at-all-interested husband along to the village of Rushmere St Andrew in Ipswich. To do just that- shoot a poppy field in full bloom.

It took almost three and a half hours to reach Ipswich Derby Road station in Ipswich by train. After having some fish and chips for lunch, we set out to Rushmere St Andrew church, which was about 35 minutes by walk, as per Google maps. We did not have a proper map and were reliant on Google maps and GPS. After promptly taking one or two wrong turns on the road, we managed to find the longest route to the local church. After covering almost all of the village, we finally reached Rushmere St Andrew church just after 4pm. No small feat, considering we had started at 9 in the morning.

Rushmere StAndrew Church


It was a Saturday and the church was closed. We had to be content with walking around the compound and cemetery.  OK, now I will tell you why we had come to the church. In the photos I saw of the poppy field, the church’s tower was visible in the background. So it had to be somewhere near the church. As simple as that. But after circling the church once, I was not very sure any more. We checked from every corner of the church compound and there were no poppy fields to be seen anywhere. My husband was giving me a knowing look. Was that photo was taken with a really wide angle lens and the distance between the church and poppies is actually much more than it seems on the image? Was it a different church in the photo? I tried to comfort myself saying that will not be the case and it had to be somewhere nearby.

I came out of the church feeling really bad. Then after crossing the road, there it was in front of us, a field painted in Red!


It was the first time I ever saw a poppy field in full bloom and it was really really beautiful. It was a cloudy and windy day and the poppies rejoiced swaying and dancing in the wind.




There was no other people out there- just rows upon rows of thousands of poppy flowers, pretty and delicate.


Even my not-very-impressed-by-flowers husband was impressed. And I was really happy that all that train journey was worth it. I also finished reading half of a novel in the train that day.


Thanks a lot to the reporter and photographer, whose report/photographs led me to this beautiful poppy field, which I would have never discovered otherwise.
Here is the link to the news article in Daily Mail.

Please visit the gallery for  more  poppy photos from Rushmere St Andrew.

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