My First Blog Post

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Hello to all the people in the world.
At last, my first blog post- the one that saw the light of the day.

Last time I wrote a blog post was six or seven years back.I  had created an account in Blogger and wrote one post.
About life in general,I guess. I just saved it and never published it.
I felt so awkward to publish anything on the net. And that was the end of my  first blogging career.
So why now? you may ask. Well, the main purpose of this blog is to push my very lazy self to do something.
Something creative and useful, that is. Then there all the photographs I click away, without ever doing anything with them.
They all remain in coma in their hard disks.
So now, I am planning  to give them a new life and exposure by sharing some of them on this blog,
and hopefully improve my photography in the process.
And who knows, this blog might  rekindle my long-ignored and forgotten love for writing.

So here I am, dipping a hesitant toe in the bloggy waters (again). Wish me luck.
If  I keep posting once in a week or once in a fortnight rather, I would call myself a success.

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