Images from the back garden

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We don’t have a pri­vate gar­den (how I would love one!). The only one gar­den I can claim any rights to is the small com­mu­nal gar­den of our apart­ment com­plex. From our liv­ing room, there is a good view to the back gar­den, which con­sists of  a small lawn (mowed weekly by the gar­dener) and a few tall trees and bushes at one end (hap­pily ignored). A few weeks back, I was struck down by flu and was work­ing from home for a week. Dur­ing that time, I was able to wit­ness the diver­sity of wild life –flora and fauna — that thrive in the seem­ingly  unin­ter­est­ing place that is called our back garden.

The lawn is cov­ered with tiny white daisies that man­age to replen­ish their num­bers ovenight, even after the lawn mower has chopped off all flower heads dur­ing the weekly cleanup rou­tine. There are two reg­u­lar vis­i­tors– two squir­rels, always run­ning up and down the trees and nib­bling on the ground. They hap­pily share their space with a black­bird, whose only job in the world  is to dig out worms from the ground and eat them all day long. Then there are some occa­sional vis­i­tors like an elu­sive lit­tle robin, two wood pigeons and a few other small birds whose names I have no idea of. An bunch of blue­bells, dan­de­lions and but­ter­cups would spring up here and there, in no par­tic­u­lar fash­ion what­so­ever. One night, I even saw a fox cross­ing the lawn. Now you know there is plenty of stuff  hap­pen­ing out there. I could even name it a mini national park.

Over next few days, I will be post­ing images  of  these won­der­ful beings that make our back gar­den a hap­pen­ing place. Let me start with one of the squir­rels who gave me a very inter­est­ing pose.

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