Images from the back garden

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We don’t have a private garden (how I would love one!). The only one garden I can claim any rights to is the small communal garden of our apartment complex. From our living room, there is a good view to the back garden, which consists of  a small lawn (mowed weekly by the gardener) and a few tall trees and bushes at one end (happily ignored). A few weeks back, I was struck down by flu and was working from home for a week. During that time, I was able to witness the diversity of wild life -flora and fauna – that thrive in the seemingly  uninteresting place that is called our back garden.

The lawn is covered with tiny white daisies that manage to replenish their numbers ovenight, even after the lawn mower has chopped off all flower heads during the weekly cleanup routine. There are two regular visitors- two squirrels, always running up and down the trees and nibbling on the ground. They happily share their space with a blackbird, whose only job in the world  is to dig out worms from the ground and eat them all day long. Then there are some occasional visitors like an elusive little robin, two wood pigeons and a few other small birds whose names I have no idea of. An bunch of bluebells, dandelions and buttercups would spring up here and there, in no particular fashion whatsoever. One night, I even saw a fox crossing the lawn. Now you know there is plenty of stuff  happening out there. I could even name it a mini national park.

Over next few days, I will be posting images  of  these wonderful beings that make our back garden a happening place. Let me start with one of the squirrels who gave me a very interesting pose.

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