A word A day Lettering challenge

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Hello friends. I am happy to let you know that I am hosting a lettering challenge in August.

It is a simple challenge I deviced for myself originally. Then I thought there might be some calligranewbies ( or even some seasoned pros)

out there who might want to try some simple prompts, so decided to make it a public challenge .

The rules ( just treat them as guidelines 😀) are as simple as they can get- .
🖋 Starting from 1st Aug , letter a word starting with a letter from the alphabet. If you can’t manage everyday, don’t worry, jump in any day you can.
🖋Please use hashtag #letterawordaday
🖋 Please stick to single words.
🖋 Be as creative as you would like.
🖋 Only original hand lettered pieces please.


And that’s about it. Please let me know in a comment below if you plan to participate.

Please feel free to share/repost and spread the word. Thank you all so much 😃