Farndale Daffodil walk

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Since it was the start of Spring, last week when we planned for walking over the weekend, I proposed a Daffodil walk. So, off we (my husband and me) went for the famous Farndale Daffodil walk. Farndale is part of the North York Moors national park in Yorkshire. During Daffodil season, thousands of tourists visit this place to enjoy the millions of wild Daffodils that bloom along both sides of river Dove.


We started the walk from Lowna bridge, a small place with some parking facility. The day was bright and sunny and one of the warmest of the season. The popular daffodil walk starts from Low mill to end at Church Houses. It is a pretty easy walk and can get really crowded in the season. The wild daffodils here bloom in late March to early April. They bloom a little later than the cultivated variety. Between Lowna Bridge and Lowmill, at the Lowna end, you can watch lot of daffodils but without the crowds.




We crossed some hills and farms on the way to Low mill. The climb was a bit hard but you are rewarded with beautiful views from the top erektile-apotheke.de.


We took a short break near this tiny little waterfall. It was refreshingly green all around.



The daffodils were in all their glory that beautiful day. You could see a sea of yellow wherever you look. Millions of them lined both sides of  river Dove, soaking up all the sunshine.



River Dove was beautiful. So were the myriad flowers dancing in the sun. Exactly as William Wordsworth described in his famous poem “Daffodils”

“Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.”

“Ten thousand saw I at a glance,

Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.”


Farndale is definitely the best place to see wild daffodils. The walk from Low mill to Church houses is the mostly crowded. There is a small and pub near Church Houses. There is also a moor bus operating on Sundays during peak season, starting from Hutton-le-Hole. We went on a Saturday and since we parked the car in Lowna, walked all the way back covering well over ten miles for the day. Although my feet  started paining, it was a really enjoyable experience.

Now, whenever I hear of the word ‘daffodil’, there springs to my mind the image of a million yellow dots swaying in the breeze, thanks to the Farndale daffodils.

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