Africa needs your help

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Severe drought and famine has hit East Africa again. More than 10 million people from Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are estimated to be directly affected by the famine and the resultant lack of food and malnutrition. Millions of young children are dying without food and clean drinking water.

It is heartbreaking to see rows upon rows of child graves in the arid lands of Somalia and Kenya. What could be worse than the fate of those mothers who have to let their children die in their hands, as they are unable to provide them sustenance?

The rest of the world needs to act urgently to stop more people dying in Africa. It is a humanitarian crisis and all of us, living such comfortable lives, have a duty to help these helpless souls in Africa. Yes,there are criticisms and concerns regarding the way aid operations work and their effectiveness. But right now, the situation has already escalated to a crisis and is getting worse day by day. What East Africa needs right now is urgent help.

Please do your bit to stop people dying. Please donate whatever you can today. Our timely action can save precious lives.

The following links can be used to make donations from UK-

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